Exciting times ahead as De Agostini / IDeA Capital complete Snaidero Group Investment

De Agostini / IDeA Capital, an Italian family-run holding business with a turnover of over €5 billion has completed a majority takeover of Euro Cucina’s parent company The Snaidero Group. The takeover strengthens all aspects of manufacturing and export throughout all of The Snaidero Group businesses. Euro Cucina have seen some of their competition fail to follow the basic rules of expansion: the experience of De Agostini will help achieve their shared goals in a structured and methodical way.

“This is great news for the future of Euro Cucina — allowing us to accelerate investment plans in our own warehouse and fleet, helping us to improve further our market-leading service to the UK housebuilding market …”  Damon Brisson, Euro Cucina UK Ireland MD

“I will be delighted to work with Damon’s existing team to develop the market, and continue the high level of service the UK market demands” - Massimo Manelli, CEO of Snaiderogroup